The University of Georgia

                             Welcome PREP@UGA Scholars!!!

Front row, from left: Nicole Arroyo Diaz, Alma Mendoza, Jocelyn Sotolongo Gomez; Back row, from left: Carlie Neiswanger, Alec Thompson, Nikki Meyer

The University of Georgia (UGA) has one of the strongest and most diverse programs in infectious disease research and training in the US. The Faculty of Infectious Diseases, the Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases and the Department of Infectious Diseases and many other groups at UGA conduct cutting-edge research on pathogen biology and the host response to infection, and are developing new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tests for the most critical infectious diseases that affect people worldwide.

Training programs at UGA provide intensive research experiences for students ranging from the undergraduate years to post-doctoral fellowships. These programs are supported in many ways by various government and philanthropic agencies and are open to trainees from broad and diverse backgrounds.

UGA is strongly committed to diversity in the research work force. PREP@UGA, “Post-baccalaureate Training in Infectious Diseases Research,” provides focused research training opportunities for students from underrepresented backgrounds. In this NIH-funded program, we work closely with recent post-baccalaureate students to provide them with the skills necessary to excel in biomedical graduate training programs. Our goal is to equip those with the desire and motivation to become the next generation of biomedical researchers with the credentials required to achieve this.